An extraordinary ambience for special seminars and events awaits you in Austria's Waldviertel region.

Seminars and events can only be successful if the guests are happy and feel good...
A location that more than meets these requirements, EL MOLINO.

You should forget all pictures of conventional event locations or a seminar house, which you might have in mind - here at Schwarzenau, in the heart of Lower Austria's Waldviertel, many unique dreams can be realized. This place is for those seeking a special ambience for their event.

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Please note that El Molino is always rented exclusively. Discretion and quietness is thus ensured throughout the facility at any time.

Enjoy the incomparable ambience amid this idyllic countryside: our kilometer-long promenade (walking path) with numerous seating areas along the Thaya river is ideal for seminar breaks, retreat and relaxation time.

Why El Molino?

We make your event perfect thanks to a comprehensive range of services!

El Molino is distinguished not only by an exceptional location, but also by an experienced team and excellent services.

Our services


    At El Molino, we can also offer you and your guests catering on request.


    We can accommodate up to 20 people in our elegantly furnished bedrooms. Enough additional accommodation is available in the area.


    In the Weblounge, you can connect your computer to the Internet via a LAN cable.


    Enjoy a beautiful summer evening at the fireplace in the courtyard.


    If necessary, we can provide you with a professional DJ.


    We will gladly provide you a chauffeur incl. Stretch Limousine or Rolls Royce.


    We take care of the seating for your seminar participants and guests.


    We would be pleased to make beer tables and benches available for you in our diverse areas.


    Individual treatments with Marie-Luise Kolitscher: 'Happy Face' and 'Flowing Energy'.

  • Concierge

    Other wishes? With our concierge service, we take care of all requests.

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  • El Molino itself is so lovingly designed, you feel it in every room, in every apartment. The flowers, leaves and the fragrance lamp in the room particularly touched me upon arrival. Even the bathroom has roses. The food was very good, the breakfast buffet was wonderfully prepared with attention to detail. The Buddha Lounge is absolutely incredible, it was so great that we were even able dance in it after the training session. The whole team was so kind and welcoming and always catered for our needs so well. The organization was great. The garden is an oasis of comfort. I want to say THANK YOU for letting me experience it all!

    Lower Austria
  • The organization was perfect as always and everything was harmoniously and beautifully designed.

    Ernst Kühlmayr
    Lower Austria
  • A big thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hospitality, comfort and hospitality. Arriving at El Molino every single time is like coming home. Your hospitality is incredible and wonderful, thanks indeed to you all!

    Martin Bancsich
  • Thanks for the loving ambience. The house is absolutely beautiful!! It's totally authentic, simple and well organized. THANK YOU!

    Elisabeth Malle
  • A nice place with very kind people to move forward with! Thank you…

    Ingrid Lick-Damm
  • As always so welcoming and so caring, I feel at home when I come in the gate. Such a meticulously designed space, an oasis of well-being. The organization was also great, everything is perfect, many small puzzle pieces that reveal the big picture. Thank you!

    Sandra Röhrling
  • The seminar venue with its support staff has a very warm atmosphere and is quite special. I felt a tremendous sense of well-being.

    Manfred Rehrl
    Upper Austria
  • All this was very appreciative and very important to me - Humorous atmosphere and of course wonderfully catered for in these lovely surroundings and amazing facility. Thanks for the excellent hospitality.

    Caroline Stöger
  • I felt very comfortable in the house. All the staff are not only friendly, you feel welcome and taken seriously.

    Doris Sprangler
  • I would also like to point out that the entire team is a dream of hospitality and I feel very much at home here. I'm looking forward to the next visit.

    Martina Zöbl
  • Seminar room was very impressive It was great. The food was also fantastic. Great taste...

    Manfred Kerschbaumer
    Upper Austria
  • It is a very nice location and space here in Schwarzenau. I am grateful for being here. Many thanks to the entire team.

    Ernestine Zöchinger
    Lower Austria
  • And I would like to thank the entire team for having beautifully designed a protected space for us.

    Doris Alder
  • You are simply world class. Thank you for this wonderful and unforgettable experience with you at El Molino.

    Roman Samberger
  • Thanks also to all those who have contributed to the organization of the seminar. I also had the feeling that all parties gladly handled their duties!

    Klaus Pastner
    Lower Austria
  • To the team, I would like to say ... Thank you for this great day. Thank you for your kind, loving and cordial treatment. I am looking forward to seeing you again!

    Carmen Samberger
  • The food was very good and everything was very well organized.

    Martin Pallaghy
  • To the team, I would like to say... I have never seen such a great crew. It was just insanely great. Each of you had a sympathetic ear. So great! Stay as you are!

    Matthias Zaff
  • The organization was just remarkable and absolutely perfect.

    Manaia Liz Schaur
    Lower Austria
  • The organization was excellent.

    Gabriele Neuninger
    Lower Austria
  • Thanks also to the team. You guys were superb, absolutely incredible and fantastic. A wonderful team where you really feel comfortable.

    Christoph Tschina
    Upper Austria
  • El Molino offers an enchanting atmosphere where I feel very comfortable. This love and hospitality of the team and the people here is unrivaled.

    Nora Theiss
  • Fantastic Team!! Thank you!! Great food! Lovely and attentive people!

    Irene Glabatsch
  • The house and garden is very beautiful and elegantly decorated, you feel comfortable and homey. Team and location is very nice, simple and cozy. The food was very good and suits me much better.

    Claudia Neumayr
  • The food is really great and thanks for considering my gluten intolerance. Wonderful organization. I also liked the swift response to the participants and group.

  • The food was very delicious, everything was clean, well-organized, beautiful (flowers, candles ...), the whole team was friendly and nice!

    Lower Austria
  • The house, organization and team: everything was amazing. You guys are the best!

    Flora Möhrer
  • Very good food. Very nice team. Thank you

    Petra Brandstätter
    Lower Austria
  • Good organization, very good food, wonderful house.

    Balthasar Wanz
  • Excellent (as usual), caring, courteous, friendly, welcoming ... I feel very much at home. ...

    Martin Bancsich
  • The Retreat House, organization and team: Outstanding!!

    Mandu Bloder
  • Seminar venue, organization, Team: Great, everything was ok! Good Food - very friendly.

    Siegfried Scherer
  • Seminar house, organization, Team: outstanding, very enriching. It is and was wonderful being with you.

    Sahja Steiner
    Lower Austria
  • Seminar venue, organization, Team: I find you guys attentive and caring in every respect.

    Margret Nussbauer-See
  • The organization and team was great.

    Viktor Lhotka

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